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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 30, 2012, 6:08 AM


Project no.15: Nana (Group)

Character: Takumi Ichinose
With: Bạch Phụng as Nana Osaki and Chơn as Nana Komatsu


Project no.14: Perfect Girl Evolution (Single)

Character: Sunako Nakahara



Project no.13: Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ - 笑傲江湖 - xiào ào jiāng hú (Single)

Character: Đông Phương Bất Bại -東方不敗 - Dongfang Bubai




Project no.12:Melancholic Princess + Fire King - Camera Recorded + Stage Performance (Xuân Tiêu Lầu Group)

Character: The Queen


Hua Zheng (Lieu Tu Van),

Yong Qian (Trà),

Li Ying (Ura),

Hao Yue (Mira),

Forina (Thai Ly).

3 Maid (Ngan ,Thu Nga & Vân)

Assassins ( UFO, Quân & Coven Eye)

The Prince and Jue Wen ( Itou)

The King (UFO)
Performance - Intro: […
Performance - Full Clip:  […

Project no.11: Kaguya Hime - Stage Performance (Group)

Character: Kaguya Hime


The King (Kororo)

The General's son (Mira)

The Servant ( Yuki)

The Human Father (UFO)

Kaguya's Friend (Trà)

Moon Fairy ( Ngân Phụng, Lieu Tu Van)

Story Teller ( Thu Nga)

and Thanks to Hanoi Super Yosakoi for helping ( Door Keeper)

Project no.10:  D.O.D (Black ver - couple)

Character: Delphine

With: Kalix (Kororo)



Project no.9: Wild Roses (Group)

Character: Red


Black (Kororo),

Red (Phượng, Mo),

Blue (Mira, Fra),

Purple (Elsy),

White (Ura, Can),

And 2 Lady (Thu Nga, Lieu Tu Van).

Project no.8: HunterxHunter - Genei Ryodan (Group)

Character: Pakunoda


Kuroro Lucifer (Kuro45),

Feitan (Heo Lõm),

Hisoka (Elsy),

Boronorofu (Nam Hai),

Kurotopi (Ngân Phụng),

Nobunaga (Mira),

Shizuku (X),

Finsuku (Trung Nguyen),

Shalnark (Sou),

Machi (Thu Nga).

Project no.7: Fire King - Photo shoot (Group)

Character: The Queen


Feng Jian (Ngân Phụng),

Zong Tian (Kororo),

Hua Zheng (Lieu Tu Van),

Yong Qian (Thai Ly),

Li Ying (Ura, Thu Nga - Cascadeur),

Hao Yue (Mira),

Ưu Hà (Elsy),

Forina (Thu Trang).


Project no.6: Yukionna - Stage Performance (Group)

Character: Victim (killed in the first screen =)))


Yukionna (Kororo),

Miyokichi (Elsy),

3 Snow Spirits (Ngân Phụng, Thu Nga & Ura),

2 Other Victims (Mira & Ufo).



Project no.5:  Tình lâu ( Group)

Character: Hồ Bạch Diệp aka Kumiho Hakuyou


Hoàng Nguyệt Ảnh/Sumeragi Tsukikage (Elsy),

Hoàng Nguyệt Vũ/Sumeragi Tsukitake (Kita),

Hoàng Ứng Thiên/Sumeragi Outen (Ufo),

Lữ Thanh Phong/Ryo Kiyomine(Kororo),

Lữ Hồ Quân/Ryo Kokijin (Mira),

Miêu Miêu/Nyanko-chan (Ura),

Long Triều/Tatsushio (Kuro 45).


Project no.4: 'Till The Death/ Aristocrat Family (Group)

Character: Opheria Grisis - the nun  (used Tender Shall costume)




Project no.3: D.O.D(Couple)

Character: Tender Shall

With: Sha (Kuro45)

Project 2: Chobits (Group)

Character: Chii + Freya


Hideki Motosuwa ( Duy)

Sumomo ( June Narcieg)

Kotoko (Shady)

Dita (Data)

Zima (ssassin)



Project no.1:  Ah! My Godness (Single)

Character:  Skuld

CSS and background by derelictvampire


ThanhThaoPhan's Profile Picture
You can call me Kira

I’m Vietnamese, studying in Singapore.

This is a place to share everything related to cosplay, pictures, events of me and friends.

Yes, i’m a cosplayer ( or coser ) and I used to torture my friends by asking them made stuffs for me.

I don’t know how to sew things and make others stuff. I know how to use Photoshop but very little ( most of pictures were edited by my friends). I’m that useless =)))

Thanks God! I have friends who can help me A LOTS. All I want to do and can only do is trying to show some aspects of the characters I cos. Therefore, hope you guys enjoy it.


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